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Nevis FIDO2 / WebAuthN Concept and Integration Guide

The Nevis FIDO2 / WebAuthN Concept and Integration Guide serves as an overall guide to the Nevis FIDO2 Solution for interested parties. It focuses on the server side of the solution.

The guide consists of the following sections:

SectionDescriptionTarget Audience
OverviewThis chapter gives an overview of Nevis FIDO2, the problems it solves and what basic use cases it supports.Everyone who wants to get a basic understanding of what Nevis FIDO2 is and what problems it solves.
Technical ArchitectureThe technical architecture section shows the technical elements of the solution as well as how these elements interact with each other and with their environment.People who intended to get a more detailed understanding of the solutions implementation and interaction details. The target audience is expected to have a technical background.
Use Cases and Best PracticesStep-by-step instructions and explanations for common use cases and selected special use cases. Apart from high-level explanation of the use cases, more detailed explanation including configuration instructions and technical implementation details are included.Apart from general audience interested in the supported use cases and scenarios of Nevis FIDO2, the section is also intended for audience with a deep technical interest in the specific implementation and configuration details.
GlossaryDefinition of commonly used terms in Nevis FIDO2.Everyone

Apart from the Concept and Integration Guide, the Reference Guides provide in-depth technical information regarding the installation, integration, configuration, administration and operation of the components that compose the Nevis FIDO2 Solution. This includes the HTTP APIs.