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Version: 8.2405.x.x RR


This content is part of the nevisFIDO technical documentation. The technical documentation provides all the information required for the installation, configuration, administration and operation of the Nevis Mobile Authentication component nevisFIDO.

For more high-level information regarding concepts and integration, see the Concept and Integration Guides for mobile authentication for FIDO2.


If you use nevisAdmin 4, see the corresponding pattern documentation first. This section contains additional information for the topic.

About FIDO

FIDO stands for Fast Identity Online, which is a collection of standards and protocols coordinated by the FIDO Alliance organization. From these protocols, the nevisFIDO component provides the implementation for the FIDO UAF and FIDO2 standards.


FIDO UAF is used in combination with a mobile client application that will natively access the mobile device’s authentication systems and will communicate that information through the UAF protocol with the nevisFIDO component. Nevis provides the Nevis Access App as well as the Nevis Mobile Authentication SDK for this purpose.


This standard consists of the W3C Web Authentication (WebAuthN) browser API standard and the FIDO Client to Authenticator Protocol (CTAP). The server supports WebAuthN level 2 at the moment, which is recommended by W3C.o Aonfigure FIDO2 when the authentication will be facilitated through a browser using the device’s biometric authentication means, without any mobile client application involved.

Documentation Overview

  • nevisFIDO Component chapters contain information on how to install and configure the nevisFIDO component.
  • Component Configuration for Mobile Authentication chapters contain information of how to configure other components like nevisProxy, nevisAuth, and nevisIDM to use the Nevis Mobile Authentication solution.
  • FIDO UAF HTTP API contains all HTTP APIs provided by the nevisFIDO component for the Nevis Mobile Authentication solution.
  • FIDO2 HTTP API contains all HTTP APIs provided by the nevisFIDO component for the FIDO2 / WebAuthN solution.
  • Dispatchers for Mobile Authentication contains information on how to configure the dispatching options offered for out-of-band operations in the Nevis Mobile Authentication solution.