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Version: 2.3.x.x RR

Dispatcher Introduction


Dispatchers are only used with Nevis Mobile Authentication, not FIDO2.

A dispatcher sends a token generated by nevisFIDO. If the token must be sent to a precise recipient (usually a third party), the dispatcher uses a dispatch target. A dispatch target contains the information required by the dispatcher to send the token to a third entity and guarantee that only that third party is able to consume it.

For concept information regarding dispatchers, refer to the Mobile Authentication Concept and Integration Guide.

The Dispatch Target Service is used to create, delete and modify dispatch targets managed by nevisFIDO. The Dispatch Token Service to generate and dispatch tokens. The HTTP client asks nevisFIDO to generate d dispatch such a token, by providing the identifier of a dispatch target toe ahe [De name of the dispatcher to be used.


Dispatchers are implemented using Plugins.