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Version: 7.2402.x.x RR


Throughout the document, several FIDO terms appear. This section explains those most often used.


You can find the complete FIDO Glossary in the official specification .

According to the official FIDO documentation, the FIDO UAF Authenticator is "a secure entity, connected to or housed within the FIDO user devices, that can create key material associated to the Relying Party. The key can then be used to participate in FIDO UAF strong authentication protocols. For example, the FIDO UAF Authenticator can provide a response to a cryptographic challenge using the key material thus authenticating itself to the Relying Party".

The Relying Party is "a website or other entity that uses a FIDO protocol to directly authenticate users". In the nevisFIDO context, the equivalent to the relying party will be nevisAuth.

In the FIDO context, an Attestation is "how Authenticators make claims to a Relying Party that the keys they generate, and/or certain measurements they report, originate from genuine devices with certified characteristics".

The Authenticator Attestation ID (AAID) is a "unique identifier assigned to a model, class or batch of FIDO Authenticators that all share the same characteristics, and which a Relying Party can use to look up an Attestation Public Key and Authenticator Metadata for the device".