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Version: 1.14.x.x RR

Installing nevisAdapt

Hardware recommendations

We recommend running nevisAdapt on a system with at least 4 CPU cores and 8 GB of RAM.


If you use the extended version of the Geolocation database (which also includes the GPS coordinates), it is recommended that you allocate at least 5 GB memory for the nevisAdapt service. The size of the database file should be less than 500 MB.

The installation of the nevisAdapt service includes the following software packages:

Package nameComponentRemarks
nevisadapt-<version>.noarch.rpmnevisAdapt service- Contains an embedded Tomcat servlet container.- Contains the database schema.
nevisdetectcl-<version>.noarch.rpmnevisAdapt AuthStatesContains the AuthStates DeviceCookieAuthState and NevisAdaptAuthState.

Install all software packages with the user "nauser " and the group "nbgroup". As a precondition, this user and group must exist.

File system layout

The table below describes the layout of the nevisAdapt file system:

/opt/nevisadapt/Read-only base directory of the installation, owned by the user "nevisdetect" and group "nevisdetect".Installation directory
/opt/nevisadapt/util/util.shHelper script used during the post-install- and pre-remove-phase of the package.
/opt/nevisadapt/bin/nevisadapt-exec.jarExecutable jar file.
/opt/nevisadapt/bin/nevisadapt-exec.confLink to /var/opt/nevisadapt/conf/nevisadapt-exec.conf
/var/opt/nevisadapt/Read/write directory of the installation, owned by the user "nevisdetect" and group "nevisdetect".Spool directory
/var/opt/nevisadapt/logs/nevisadapt.logLog file(s).
/var/opt/nevisadapt/logs/nevisadapt.stdoutThe system redirects stdout to this file.
/var/opt/nevisadapt/conf/nevisadapt.propertiesnevisAdapt service configuration file.
/var/opt/nevisadapt/conf/riskscore-mapping.propertiesConfiguration file for the risk score mapping.
/var/opt/nevisadapt/conf/nevisadapt-exec.confConfiguration file for the init.d service.
/var/opt/nevisadapt/conf/logback.xmllogback configuration file.
/var/opt/nevisadapt/conf/role-to-permission.propertiesRole-to-permission mapping file.

Software package installation - nevisAdapt service

To install the nevisAdapt service, proceed with the next steps.

The installation of the nevisAdapt plug-in is described further below.

  1. Execute the following commands to install the component's software package:
rpm -i nevisadapt-<version>.noarch.rpm
rpm -i nevisdetectcl-<version>.noarch.rpm

During the installation, the following happens:

  • Registration of the component as init.d service with the name nevisadapt.

  • Creation of the spool directory structure (if not already existing).

  • Extraction of the following files from the file /opt/nevisadapt/bin/nevisadapt-exec.jar:

    • /var/opt/nevisadapt/
    • /var/opt/nevisadapt/conf/nevisadapt-exec.conf
    • /var/opt/nevisadapt/conf/logback.xml
  1. Administer the component with the following commands:
service nevisadapt start
service nevisadapt status
service nevisadapt stop
service nevisadapt restart

The configuration of the runtime environment of a service is located in the file nevisadapt-exec.conf.

The following sample code block illustrates the installation of the nevisAdapt service:

Installation of the nevisAdapt service

# variables used by the exec /opt/nevisadapt/bin/nevisadapt-exec.jar used by init.d
JAVA_OPTS="-Xmx1024M -XX:+UseConcMarkSweepGC -Dlogback.configurationFile=/var/opt/nevisadapt/conf/logback.xml"

# variables used by the application i.e. logback and spring
export NEVISADAPT_SPOOL_DIR=/var/opt/nevisadapt
export NEVISADAPT_APP_NAME=nevisadapt

Uninstalling the software package

To uninstall the nevisAdapt components, run the following commands:

rpm -e nevisadapt-<version>.noarch
rpm -e nevisdetectcl-<version>.noarch

During the uninstalling process, the service is stopped and deregistered. The spool directory is not modified, so a subsequent installation will have the same configuration.