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Version: 1.15.x.x RR

Performance samples

Test setup

The hosts we used for testing were of the type Standard_F8s_v2(Azure) with CentOS 7.7, with the following parameters:

SizevCPU'sMemory: GiBTemp storage (SSD) GiBExpected network bandwidth (Mbps)

We used 4 virtual machines in total to run the following software packages (one instance of each package):

1nevisAdapt, nevisAuth
2nevisProxy, nevisLogrend
3nevisIDMUsed for the password login and to send email notifications.
4MariaDBHosting the nevisIDM and nevisAdapt databases.

Setup performance test

The main goal of this test was to measure how the full system behaves under heavy load. We tested the exact use case, that is, a password login with adaptive authentication to access a protected web application behind nevisProxy. We also sent a notification with nevisIDM for each request.

Number of users(in 10 minutes)Login/secTotal requestsRequests/secMean response time per request
100001760000100211 ms
2000034118500197246 ms
3500058210000350247 ms

The configuration of the system, the components nevisProxy, nevisAuth, nevisAdapt and nevisIDM, as well as the infrastructure can heavily affect the performance. To measure the real performance, running load tests on the target environment is therefore always recommended. If you have significantly different results on your system or if you require a higher performance, consult your Nevis contact.