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Version: 1.15.x.x RR

nevisIDM notifications

nevisAdapt relies on nevisIDM to send the notification e-mail to the user if the calculated risk score is above the defined threshold. For this process, nevisAdapt uses the IdmUserNotificationState AuthSate, which makes sending e-mails to users possible. The IdmUserNotificationState is a ScriptState, which configures the client connection with nevisIDM, calls the nevisIDM REST API, and sends the information that nevisIDM needs to be able to resolve the placeholders in the e-mail notification template.

For more information on the IdmUserNotificationState, see the chapter IdmUserNotificationState.

This chapter describes the required configuration steps in nevisIDM to be able to send a notification with a custom text.

Configuring the template

nevisIDM uses templates to define the content of the notifications.

To configure a mail template, perform the next steps:

  1. Access the nevisIDM web application as an admin user.

  2. In the nevisIDM web application, go to the Template manager screen.

  3. In the Template manager screen, add a new template with the following settings:

    • Document type: "EMAIL"
    • Communication event type: "User notification 17"
  4. Add a new template text by clicking the New template text button.

  5. Choose the language, define the sender and the receiver (this is usually "USER_EMAIL"). The text is custom and can contain several different placeholders. Fore more information about the built-in nevisIDM placeholders, see the chapter The pattern of placeholders in the nevisIDM reference guide.

The following special placeholders are available for nevisAdapt:

Placeholder nameValueExampleNotes
EXTERNAL_CITYName of the cityBudapestMay not match the exact location.
EXTERNAL_COUNTRY_CODETwo-letter country codeHUMay not match the exact location.
EXTERNAL_COUNTRYName of the countryHungaryMay not match the exact location.
EXTERNAL_LATITUDEGPS coordinate46.253000May not match the exact location.
EXTERNAL_LONGITUDEGPS coordinate20.148240May not match the exact location.
EXTERNAL_IP_ADDRESSIP address195.225.66.110
EXTERNAL_OSOperating systemOS X
EXTERNAL_BROWSERName of the browserChrome
EXTERNAL_DATEDate and time of the login request in UTC timeNovember 04 2020 17:06:17

Example notification template text

Dear Client,

We noticed access to e-Banking with your e-Banking account __USER_LOGINID__.
Timestamp: __EXTERNAL_DATE__ (Coordinated Universal Time)
Location: __EXTERNAL_CITY__ __EXTERNAL_COUNTRY__ (May not match your exact location)

If it is not you, call our e-Banking service center at +XX XXXXXX