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Version: 3.7.x.x LTS


This section gives you a short introduction to the use of nevisAdmin. The examples shown in this chapter use the following objects:

  • nevisProxy instance "myproxy" located on server (in short: appliance1) within the Lab network zone implements the service which shall be available from the Internet.
  • The application MyMail is a static web page hosted by an MS Internet Information Service (IIS) which has been installed on the same server The application is available under the path "/webmail".

You may set up your environment as follows (assuming you have already installed your server including the NEVIS software packages, see the chapter Other NEVIS software).

  1. Create a nevisAdmin instance, see the chapter nevisAdmin software installation.
  2. You are now ready to configure your NEVIS platform. Start creating your infrastructure within the nevisAdmin web front end as defined in the chapter Inventory. This includes the NEVIS components, e.g., nevisProxy, as well as your application servers.
  3. Create your environment with the application connecting the nevisProxy and your application servers to each other, see the chapter Configuration.
  4. Create the key material for your realm .
  5. To allow nevisAdmin to remotely control your server, install the nevisAgents on every server hosting a NEVIS component. See the chapter nevisAgent software installation on how to install nevisAgents with the necessary keys.
  6. Deploy your configuration of the NEVIS platform, see the chapter Deploying the configuration.

Further configuration guides are documented in the chapter Use Cases.