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Version: 8.2405.x.x RR

Rolling release (< 2.202111) migration

The current rolling release of the nevisAppliance (before November 2021) was Centos-7 OS based. This OS is EOL now. The new rolling release ( >= 2.202111.x) is based on Centos Stream 8.

OS Changes

  • Networking
    • network-scripts are still available as a convenience but they have been replaced by the "NetworkManager" package and tooling in Centos Stream 8

Nevis Changes

The following components are no longer available in the current release. Component instances based on these components will not be started, and are not available.

  • Elastic Beats
  • ELK stack
  • nevisAdmin3
  • nevisAgent
  • nevisLDAP
  • nevisPortal
  • nevisReports
  • nevisWF

Previously used and configured instances, their respective configuration files will reside in /var/opt/<nevis-component

If some of them are still needed, you can set up or keep an LTS 2.201911 or LTS 2.202111, depending on the component.