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Version: 4.32.x.x LTS

Appendix D - Standard System Codes

User error codes

1Access denied due to invalid user input.
2User wants to use a new login ID that is in use by another user.
3User's next input failure will lock the account.
4Account password policy violated.
5New password confirmation does not match.
8Account is locked, due to repeated invalid user input.

User feedback codes

6A password change is required.
7A login-ID change is required.

Data error codes

9Session takeover was not possible (session inexistent or not authorized).
10Login ID matches multiple user accounts.
11The credential received is not availabe for a user (e.g., the X509 certificate is not mapped to a user in nevisIDM).

Policy error codes

50Password is too short.
51Password needs digits.
52Password needs special characters.
53Password is blacklisted (e.g., in history).
54Password is too long.
55Password is rejected because it is found in a dictionary.

Session error codes

70Unknown session in access proxy (due to time-out etc.).
71Session error in access proxy (inconsistency).
97Session step-up not possible because required security roles cannot be satisfied.

System error codes

99Internal failure, system unavailable.

IDM error codes

81IdmOTPStateNo OTP card available.
83IdmOTPStateNo OTP challenge.
100IdmUploadCertificateStateCertificate already registered.