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Version: 4.32.x.x LTS

Management endpoints

nevisAuth implements a liveness endpoint that can, for example, be used to integrate with Kubernetes. Check the( for more information on how to configure the liveness probes.

The management endpoint integration is only supported when using the standalone deployment of nevisAuth.The endpoint described in this section is experimental and can change in future releases.

Liveness Endpoint

The liveness endpoint informs whether the server is up or not. The server might be up and running but it might not be ready to properly handle requests (for instance because of a misconfiguration). The liveness endpoint is accessible using the management port which is configured using the management.server.port property as described in the Server configuration properties. Currently only HTTP is supported.

The following table describes the HTTP API of the liveness endpoint:

Default URLhttps://hostname:8997/nevislogrend/liveness
Request HTTP MethodGET
Response Content-Typeapplication/json;charset=utf-8
Response Body if nevisAuth is Alive{ "status" : "UP" }
HTTP Status Code if nevisAuth is Alive200 (OK)