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Version: 2.24.x.x RR

Setup section

In the Setup section, additional data plugin factories and DataFunction providers are registered:

<factory class="ch.domain.package.Factory"/>
<dataFunction class="ch.domain.package.MyFunctions"/>

The factory class has to implement the Factory interface and has to contain a public, parameterless constructor (default constructor). The class provided in the dataFunction tag has to contain public static member functions annotated as DataFunction.

In addition, it is possible to specify parameters for the configuration of the nevisDataPorter daemon:

<!-- the RMI port of the command interface -->
<param name="ciPort" value="50502"/>
<!-- the port of the RMI registry -->
<param name="ciRegistryPort" value="50501"/>
<!-- create an RMI registry -->
<param name="ciCreateRegistry" value="true"/>
<!-- the size of the DataPorter worker pool -->
<param name="poolSize" value="10"/>
<!-- the size of the history of jobs -->
<param name="historySize" value="1000"/>
<!-- the timeout for job termination upon shutdown (sec.) -->
<param name="terminationTimeout" value="600"/>
<!-- regexp for filtering log output -->
<param name="logFilter" value="^userPassword$" />
<param name="logFilter" value="^unicodePwd$" />
<param name="logFilter" value="^credential$" />
<param name="daemonMode" value="true" />
<param name="disableTransaction" value="false" />

  • The parameters ciPort, ciRegistryPort and ciCreateRegistry are used for the RMI communication between the nevisDataPorter daemon and the command interface client (nevisdp ci ...).
  • The parameters managementHost, managementPort are used for the management server that hosts the liveness and health probe. Default are "localhost" and "8999".
  • The parameters poolSize and historySize determine the number of worker threads and the size of the job history (nevisdp ci status).
  • The parameter terminationTimeout is a timeout value in seconds. Upon termination, the nevisDataPorter daemon waits for the specified number of seconds for the thread pool to shut down.
  • Multiple parameters logFilter can be used to filter the nevisDataPorter log file for sensitive data. nevisDataPorter does not know which data is sensitive. Thus, it is up to the user to define regular expressions for the sensitive data. The regular expressions are used to match attribute names. If a name is matching, the value is replaced by a placeholder in the log file.
  • The parameter disableTransaction can be used to disable nevisDP's internal transaction manager. The transaction feature is unavailable if this parameter is set to "true".

Typically, LDAP attributes such as userPassword or unicodePwd should be filtered. For nevisIDM credentials, additional filtering may be required.

The parameter deamonMode determines whether the nevisDataPorter daemon starts. If the parameter is "false", no nevisDataPorter daemon starts. It can be used, for example, when only a standby instance of nevisDataPorter is needed.