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Version: 2.17.x.x LTS

Command-line API

The nevisDataPorter command-line interface integrates the op and SUDO command-line tools. It consists of the following commands:

nevisdp # get this usage

nevisdp start # start server
nevisdp stop # stop server
nevisdp restart # shutdown and start server

nevisdp ci <command> [<arguments>] # run a command on the server. 'help' to list available commands.

nevisdp list # lists all available modules
nevisdp verify # verify the named module configuration
nevisdp simulate <module> <args> # runs export simulation of the named module
nevisdp export <module> <args> # runs export of the named module

nevisdp config [dataporter] # configure dataporter
nevisdp config log # configure logging/tracing facility
nevisdp config env # edit additional environment parameters
nevisdp config vmargs # edit JVM startup arguments
nevisdp config export # export configurations
nevisdp config import <tarfile> # import configurations from <tarfile>
nevisdp config backup list # list available backups
nevisdp config backup [<descr>] # backup actual configurations
nevisdp config restore [<stamp>] # restore last or specified backup
nevisdp config backup remove <stamp> # remove specified backup

nevisdp log # display list of logfiles
nevisdp log err [all|server] # display errors in logfiles (default: all)
nevisdp log show [all|server] # display logfiles (default: all)
nevisdp log tail [server] # start tailing logfile (default: server)

nevisdp inst # list all instances
nevisdp inst create <name> [1] # create an instance
nevisdp inst remove <name> # remove an instance
nevisdp inst exists <name> # check for existing instance
nevisdp handover # Create default config/log area, start server
nevisdp pkg # Show installed package versions
nevisdp pkg activate <version> # Activate specified version of package

nevisdp audit [-xml|-text] [<arguments>] # generate audit record log
nevisdp create-db [mysql|oracle] # create and setup database tables and users for the audit record log
nevisdp drop-db [mysql|oracle] # drop audit record log database

[1] specifies an optional setup.conf or a list of VAR=VALUE arguments
'nevisdp inst create test help' displays the required parameters

The batch interface

To export a module in batch mode, there is no need to start the nevisDP daemon. A module can simply be exported by calling

nevisdp export module

where "module" is the name of the module to be exported. It is possible to pass runtime information through the runtime configuration rtCfg to the module. In the example

nevisdp export deleteUser --event extId=1000

the module deleteUser is called, and the ID of the user is provided to the module through the variable rtCfg[‘extId’] that can be evaluated in a JUEL expression.