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Version: 1.0.x.x LTS

Verification of the nevisAdapt installation

To verify that the nevisAdapt service is up and running after the installation, check the Application monitoring view in the Status section of the nevisDetect web application.

Note that first complete the configuration of the nevisAdapt plug-in, and then restart the Core component in nevisDetect. For more information, see chapter Installation of nevisDetect Core in the nevisDetect Rererence Guide.

For more information about the Status section of the nevisDetect web application, see the chapter Status section in the nevisDetect User Guide.

To be able to access the Application monitoring view, log in as a user with the required role ("Operator") and permission. In the default mapping, this is the role DETECT_OPERATOR, which must be mapped to the permission APP_MONITORING_READ.
See also Appendix: Role to Permission Mapping in the nevisDetect Reference Guide.