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Version: 8.2405.x.x RR

System Configuration

We distinguish between the application configuration and the system configuration. The application configuration is related to the functionality of nevisDetect from a business point of view. The application configuration is managed with the nevisDetect Web App, see Web Application. The system configuration deals with such topics as configuring the X509 certificates or the database connectivity. This chapter deals with the system configuration.

The system configuration is based on property files. The table below lists the property files per nevisDetect component.

ComponentProperty file path
nevisDetect Feature Correlator/var/opt/nevisdetect/entrypoint/conf/
nevisDetect Core/var/opt/nevisdetect/core/conf/
nevisDetect Persistency/var/opt/nevisdetect/persistency/conf/
nevisDetect Controller/var/opt/nevisdetect/admin/conf/
nevisDetect Message Bus/var/opt/nevisdetect/mq/conf/

The property files are created, with default settings, during the installation of the software packages. Use these default property files as a starting point for your custom configuration.

For a proper functioning of the nevisDetect components, you need to specify some attributes specific for the component. The following chapters describe these attributes per nevisDetect component.

  • For an overview of the important attributes for the Persistency component, see nevisDetect Persistency
  • For an overview of the important attributes for the Controller component, see nevisDetect Controller
  • For an overview of the important attributes for the Feature Correlator component, see nevisDetect Feature Correlator
  • For an overview of the important attributes for the Core component, see nevisDetect Core

Some configuration attributes are identical for all components. The chapter Common attributes describes these general configuration attributes in more detail.