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Version: 8.2405.x.x RR

Appendix: Request Data

The data related to an HTTP request consists of the following information:

HTTP request.nevisProxyBinary, unparsed format.
Login ID and the authentication realm of the user. See the nevisAuth and nevisProxy reference guides for details of the authentication.nevisAuth
Servlet path. See the nevisProxy Reference Guide for details of the application.nevisProxy
The session ID of the HTTP session.nevisProxy, nevisAuthInstead of using the HTTP session ID from nevisProxy, it is also possible to use the session ID from the Nevis SecToken.
Last access time stamp of the HTTP session.nevisProxy
Session ID of the TLS session.nevisProxyBase64
Cipher of the TLS connection.nevisProxy
TCP address and port of the nevisProxy.nevisProxy
TCP address and port of the user device.nevisProxy