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Version: 1.15.x.x LTS

System Requirements

Supported Operating System

The only officially supported operating system is Red Hat Enterprise Linux Server 8.

Hardware Requirements for nevisFIDO

The table below lists the minimum and recommended resource values required for a one-system deployment of nevisFIDO:

Memory4 GB
Disk20 GB

The hardware requirements heavily depend on the expected system load based on the systems' ability to handle FIDO requests in an allocated time span. For scaling capabilities of the nevisFIDO component, see the Scaling chapter.

The overall hardware requirements are based on the requirements of the individual software components.

Software Requirements for nevisFIDO

MariaDB>= 10.3.10If persistent session and token storage is used
Java Runtime Environment>= Java8
Python2For nevisAdmin4 based deployments
Python 2

Red Hat Enterprise Linux Server 8 exposes the Python 2 command as python2. Because of this, an alternative must be set to map the python2 command to python:

alternatives --set python /usr/bin/python2

The installation of the Nevis components can be done in any desired order. Refer to the different installation guides to check the prerequisites of each component.