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Version: 1.12.6.x LTS

Migration guide from LTS-2019 to LTS-2021

The following page lists all the breaking changes that were introduced between the LTS-2019 version (1.5.X) and the LTS-2021 version (1.12.X) of nevisMeta.

Breaking changes

  • Only standalone deployment is supported.

  • Only MariaDB is supported.

  • For security reasons, the number of TLS protocols and ciphers supported by default by the standalone server has been reduced. See "Server Configuration Properties" section in the "Deployment types" chapter in the nevisMeta Reference Guide for the updated list of supported ciphers and protocols.

  • REST services do not include the identifier links in the response header. This could be a breaking change if identifier links has been use.

  • REST endpoint added validAt query parameter. This could be a breaking change if validAt has not been set, the query always returns only one snapshot. With the following endpoints:

  • REST endpoint does not return entities with soft deleted state.

  • It is no longer possible to create scopes in a resource server whose name already exists in the same setup. This restriction is enforced during the creation and import of a scope (either via the REST API or the GUI).

  • Undocumented REST endpoint /rest/v2/modules/oauthv2/setups/<setupId>/token/<tokenId> is replaced with /rest/v2/modules/oauthv2/setups/<setupId>/tokens/<tokenId>.

Known issues

Error starting nevisMeta with version 1.12.x LTS: Detected applied migration not resolved locally

It may happen during the first start of nevisMeta with the migrated version (1.12.x LTS) that nevisMeta cannot continue and the following error message appears in the logs:

| 2021``-``11``-``29 13``:``57``:``57``,``269 ERROR NevisMetaServer error: Validate failed: Detected applied migration not resolved locally: 1.5``.``9.0 |


Make a backup of the nevisMeta database, execute this SQL command in it, and re-start nevisMeta:

| delete from flyway_schema_history where version = ''``; |

Now it should work without problems. The change should be harmless, but it is always advisable to make a backup of the database just in case.