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Version: 8.2405.x.x RR

Delete and restore


  • In setup header: Delete or deactivate a setup with all child entities

  • In entity header: Delete or deactivate a single entity from a setup

There are two different ways to remove a state from nevisMeta:

  • Deactivate: the current state of the setup or entity is set to deactivated, but the setup/entity itself remains visible. It may later be restored.
  • Delete permanently: the setup (and all its child entities) or entity is removed from nevisMeta and may not be restored.


  • In state header: Restore (reactivate) a previously deleted state from setup or entity

A deleted state of a setup or entity may be restored (unless it was deleted using the "permanently" option set).

Restore state

Delete future state

  • In state header: Delete the state permanently (equates to permanent deletion for setup / entity)

Deleting a state permanently is only available for states with a validity date in the future.