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Version: 4.20.x.x RR

nevisAppliance Upgrade

To upgrade the nevisAdmin 4 appliance image, execute these steps on the nevisAdmin 4 host:

  1. Before upgrading, determine the version of the installed nevisAppliance and nevisAdmin 4.

    1. Run nevisappliance -v
  2. Check the Release Notes for any breaking changes between the previously installed and the new version of nevisAdmin 4.

    1. In some cases, the release notes may require the performance of manual upgrade steps. Memorize these steps for later execution.
  3. Make sure you have a recent database backup. If not, refer to Database and File System Backup.

  4. Follow the chapter Software updates in the nevisAppliance Reference Guide.

    1. Integrate any manual upgrade steps memorized in step 2.
    2. Each step will tell you when it has to be executed (for example, before stopping, after upgrade, or after starting).