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Version: 7.2311.x.x RR

System Requirements

To install and use nevisAdmin 4, respect the following system requirements:

  • nevisAdmin 4 runs on
    • nevisAppliance (admin4 image),
    • Docker / Kubernetes, or
    • RHEL 7/8 server.
  • nevisAdmin 4 requires between 4 GB and 16 GB of RAM and between 2 and 6 CPU cores.
    • The amount of RAM and cores required for your setup primarily depends on the following factors:
      • Project size: Amount of patterns in the project and total project size in MB, including attachments.
      • Number of projects that are edited/updated concurrently.
      • Number of deployments that are executed concurrently.
      • Number of target systems and instances that are deployed during one deployment.
    • Vertical scaling is supported: You can increase RAM and CPU cores as needed.
      • The Java Virtual Machine (JVM) can pose limitations to the vertical scaling: Adding more RAM or cores does not always increase the performance of Java applications.
    • These numbers apply to production setups. For testing or development, performance may also be acceptable with less RAM or cores.
  • The managed target systems (deployment hosts) must run on RHEL 7/8, nevisAppliance or on Kubernetes.
  • For supported Kubernetes platforms and versions, see Example Installation on Azure.
  • MariaDB 10.3.x is required.
    • You can connect only one nevisAdmin 4 instance (server process) to the same database. Horizontal scaling is not supported on the same database.
  • For version control of configuration projects, nevisAdmin 4 relies on a remote Git repository.
    • nevisAdmin 4 has been tested to work together with Atlassian Bitbucket, GitLab, GitHub, and Gitea.
  • nevisAdmin 4 requires a recent Java 1.8 version.
  • nevisAdmin 4 always runs as nvbuser.
  • For the Web GUI, browser support is as follows:
    • Officially supported and tested:
      • Chrome, latest version
    • The following may work, but there is no support:
      • Other versions of Chrome, Edge
      • Chromium-based Edge
      • Firefox
      • Safari
    • Not supported: Internet Explorer