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Version: 4.12.x.x LTS

nevisAdmin 4 nevisAdmin 4

Welcome to the nevisAdmin 4 documentation.

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nevisAdmin 4 is a configuration, deployment and monitoring solution for Nevis built to support modern DevOps practices. It allows IT organizations to deliver new features faster in the face of more demanding requirements for security. Reusable configuration templates encode best practices for common use cases. This reduces cost and improves your team's productivity. Extensive validation of configuration changes enables continuous compliance with your company's security guidelines and policies.

The platform has been designed with enterprise-grade scalability and security in mind. The modular architecture supports different deployment processes to meet the needs of the most challenging environments. Access control capabilities include fine-grained permissions for projects and users. nevisAdmin 4 provides a Configuration Generation Engine that validates and deploys configurations without human interaction. Companies with unique infrastructures and integration challenges can enhance the basic templates to meet all business needs.

Main Features:

  • Quickly configure and implement security best practices with the help of reusable configuration templates.
  • Test new configurations and infrastructure options thanks to full separation of configuration and infrastructure data.
  • Edit, share and review declarative configuration files with support for the Git Version Control System.
  • Avoid unpleasant surprises in production by validating configuration changes and reviewing execution plans before deployment.
  • Adapts to the way your company works. The modular architecture enables flexible deployment processes.
  • Integrate with the tools you already use through the Configuration Generation Engine.