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Version: 4.12.x.x LTS

nevisAdmin 4 migration from LTS-2019 to LTS-2021

This document lists the major changes since LTS19. For the details of each change, check the corresponding release notes, and the [reference guide].

nevisAdmin 4 LTS-21 reference guide

nevisAdmin 4 (v4.6)

REMOVED: Deprecated PKI key management related REST API is now deleted.

nevisAdmin 4 (v4.7)

Upgrade instructions and breaking changes

After the update, log in with the local admin user and change your password (min length: 16 chars). It is critical that you retain the password of the local admin user. Copy it to a safe place immediately. If you use secrets or plan to start using them: See "Working with Secrets". The admin user's password also protects the encryption key (backup master key). This key allows you to recover access to secrets, such as passwords, managed by nevisAdmin 4. Change the local admin password to reset the password for the backup master key. Previously, a default password was used to protect that key.

CHANGED: Minimum password length for a local admin user has increased from 6 to 16 characters.

CHANGED: For security reasons, secrets are now scoped to the inventory they were created in. This means that secrets copied from one inventory and pasted into another will not be resolvable in the other inventory. Also, if you branch an inventory in your Git system and import it, the inventory in the new branch will not be able to resolve its secrets.

nevisAdmin 4 (v4.8)

CHANGED: The local admin user password cannot be changed anymore with the file-based REST API (identities.yml)

nevisAdmin 4 (v4.10)

CHANGED: The configuration property no longer supports the usage of the wildcard ('') character. To make a set of origins available for credentials, list these origins explicitly or consider using the new property cors.allowed.origin-patterns instead. Note that this new property always sets the Access-Control-Allow-Origin response header to the matched origin and never to "", nor to any other pattern. Therefore, you can use the new property in combination with the property cors.allow.credentials set to "true".

CHANGED: The Inventory screen function previously called Attach files has been renamed to Attach secret files. Furthermore, the function now has a file size limitation (see the below section "Limitation and known issues"). In addition, there is a new Attach files function, which creates attachments not affected by the size limitations of the Attach secret files function. The attachments created by the new Attach files function are similar to the inventory secret files, but should be used for files that do not hold sensitive information.

nevisAdmin 4 (v4.11)

CHANGED: The functions Attach File and Attach Secret File do not support multiple file uploads anymore.