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Version: 4.40.x.x RR

Appendix A - Development of nevisAuth Extensions

The functionality of nevisAuth can be extended by custom authentication plug-ins. Authentication plug-ins are written in Java and implement the contract of an AuthState.

The central starting point for the development of authentication plug-ins is the nevisAuth software development kit (SDK) bundled in /opt/nevisauth/resources/nevisauth-sdk-[version].tar.gz. Once unpacked, you will find the following folders in the nevisAuth SDK:

  • archetypes Contains a Maven archetype for custom authentication plug-ins projects.
  • docs Contains the nevisAuth Developer Guide in HTML and as a PDF.
  • libs Contains the official API libraries and the corresponding Javadocs.
  • scripts Contains utility scripts to set up the SDK.

For further information on the development of custom authentication plug-ins, see the nevisAuth Developer Guide.