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Version: 2.24.x.x RR

Logging, tracing, debugging, and profiling

Logging, tracing, debugging and profiling is carried out using the standard log4j facility. In addition, special logging categories are available:

dataporter.configINFOPrints some details of the configuration such as available pool, source, or sink instances.
DEBUGThis level is used for additional configurational information. In particular, it is used for debugging if the whole data context is dumped in case of an exception. This information can be used to visualize the data causing the exception.
dataporter.statisticsINFOPrints a basic statistics summary.
DEBUGPrints the statistics of every component individually.
dataporter.timingINFOPrints some basic timing information on entity level.
DEBUGPrints detailed timing information on function level.
dataporter.profileINFOPrints timing information of every component.
DEBUGPrints timing information of every component, including sub-operations, such as SQL queries or WS calls.
dataporter.simulateDEBUGPrints detailed simulation results.