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Version: 1.15.x.x LTS

FIDO UAF Specification and Proprietary Implementations

The Nevis Mobile Authentication Solution is based on the FIDO UAF 1.2 standard and adheres closely to it. However, there are some adaptions. For more information, see Functional Adaptions of the FIDO UAF Specification. Furthermore, the Nevis Mobile Authentication Solution provides more functionality than the standard describes, such as the out-of-band functionality.

The following figure shows which parts of the solution have been implemented according to the standards and which parts are proprietary:

Implementation by specification and proprietary implementation

In summary:

  • All in-band scenarios are implemented according to the FIDO UAF specifications.
  • All HTTP payloads are implemented according to the FIDO UAF specifications.
  • The endpoint paths are not part of the specification and are therefore proprietary.
  • All out-of-band scenarios are proprietary implementations apart from the UAF messages transmitted via HTTP API.