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Version: 8.2405.x.x RR

nevisIDM Command-Line API

The nevisIDM package provides a convenient command-line interface that offers the following functionality. See below for the usage print of the shell script.

usage (nevisidm):


nevisidm # get this usage
nevisidm [instance] status # shows the status
nevisidm [instance] start # enhance container setup and call start
nevisidm [instance] stop # stop nevisIDM
nevisidm [instance] restart # restart nevisIDM


nevisidm [instance] config idm # edit component configuration
nevisidm [instance] config rolesMap # edit permissions of nevisIDM roles
nevisidm [instance] config rolesAssign # edit which role can assign which other role
nevisidm [instance] config rolesAuth # edit which role is authorized to modify which other role
nevisidm [instance] config env # edit environment parameters nevisidm [instance] config vmargs # edit JVM startup arguments
nevisidm [instance] config log # edit log/trace settings


nevisidm inst create <name> # create an instance
nevisidm inst remove <name> # remove an instance
nevisidm handover # create default instance


DB administration is not supported by the nevisidm package. Install and use nevisidmdb package for DB administration.