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Version: 7.2402.x.x RR

User Guide

By means of nevisIDM's powerful graphical user interface (GUI), application administrators can manage the entities within nevisIDM. This includes not only the creation and modification of user and application entities, but a number of other features:

  • The Unit entities help you shape the management of user data according to your organization's structure. This facilitates the assignment of roles and permissions and enables the delegation of user administration.
  • The possibility of specifying credential policies allows for a fine-grained authentication system. You could, for example, determine a simple password policy and a strong password policy, with different requirements regarding the length of the password, the used characters, the allowed number of resets, and so on. Which of the two password policies is valid for an application in the back end depends on the application's requirements regarding security.
  • Customizable mail- and SMS templates enable you to notify users if, e.g., a password reset is due. If set accordingly, messages in several languages can be created.
  • The search field facilitates full-text searches through all User, Application, Unit and Client entities stored within nevisIDM.
  • The web GUI also provides a self-administration facility, allowing the users of your application(s) to view their profiles or change their passwords themselves.
  • If desired, you can adjust the look of the web interface to your company's corporate design in regard to the (background) colors, fonts and logos.

The nevisIDM User Guide describes how to use the nevisIDM Web user interface to perform all kind of use cases.