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Version: 2.89.x.x RR


This chapter describes how to generate reports in the form of CSV (comma-separated values) files. All affected reports handle assigned enterprise roles transparently, i.e., resolve them into the member application roles.

Configuring of reporting

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GUI walkthrough

  • Select "Generate report" at Import/Export panel of the menu bar.
  • The reporting view starts with the preselected type "Users", a preselected client and an empty unit filter.
  • Input fields:
    • Type: the reporting type, i.e., users, units, applications, users per application, applications per user, users per credential type, data rooms.
    • Client: the client for which the report is generated. Reports by default are restricted to a specific client and the client's name is included in the suggested CSV filename if provided.
    • Filter: only active for the report types users, users per application, applications per user, users per credential type and data rooms. There are four types of filters available: unit, application, role and credential type filters. Clicking on the pencil icon opens the corresponding search view where a unit, a role or an application, respectively, can be selected.
  • By pressing the "Generate report" button, nevisIDM starts to generate the report, and as soon as the CSV is ready, the browser triggers the download.
  • It is possible to choose the columns of the generated report. By pressing the "Choose columns" button, you will get to the "Choose report columns" view, where you can select which columns the report should contain.