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Version: 8.2405.x.x RR

Browser Support Policy in Nevis

This section gives an overview of the browsers supported by the Nevis products and components. The overview is applicable only to Nevis products and components with a visible web user interface. This includes [nevisAdmin 3].

Supported Browsers

We only support the latest generally available (GA) versions of the noted browsers.

UI typeGoogle ChromeMozilla FirefoxMS Internet Explorer (IE) 11 - Note 1MS Edge(Chromium)Safari(macOS)Safari(iOS)Google Chrome(Android)
Specialist-facing UIs, desktop only (nevisAdmin 3 - Note 2 and 4, nevisDetect)✅ Note 3-✅ Note 4---
UIs with extended user-base, desktop only (nevisIDM - Note 2, nevisReports, nevisWorkflow, nevisMeta)---
End-user-facing UIs, desktop and mobile (nevisIDM Self-Admin - Note 2, nevisLogRend)

Note 1: For each version of the Internet Explorer, we support the default document mode. Note 2: The nevisIDM and nevisAdmin 3 web user interfaces do not support multi-tab browsing. Therefore, we do not recommend opening the nevisIDM and nevisAdmin web UIs in multiple browser tabs. Note 3: It may be possible to use nevisAdmin 4 with the Firefox browser. However, we did not test this option and do not support it. Note 4: nevisAdmin 4 is tested with and supports the latest version of MS Edge (Chromium). nevisAdmin 3 does not support this browser .

On HTTP protocol support for nevisProxy

Although nevisProxy does not have a user interface, it interacts with the client at the protocol level. nevisProxy can deal with all RFC-compatible (Note 5) HTTP traffic (and as such supports any RFC-compatible browser). Supported HTTP standards:

  • Frontend: HTTP/1.1, HTTP/2, Websockets
  • Backend: HTTP/1.1, Websockets

nevisProxy does not support HTTP/0.9, and HTTP/1.0 is deprecated.

Note 5: An RFC is a publication from the standards-setting Internet Engineering Task Force IETF. nevisProxy is always compatible with the standards mentioned in the latest RFC.

On HTTP protocol support for Nevis Java backend components

Java based Nevis backend components rely on Jetty for the Http server implementation using HTTP/1.1 configuration. Therefore HTTP/2 is not supported. Protocols like HTTP/1.0 or older might work, but Nevis does not test and support these as they are obselete since 1997.