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Version: 7.2402.x.x RR

Linux Distribution Support Policy for Nevis

This section gives an overview of the operating system distributions supported by Nevis, and our plans for the future in this regard.

Linux Distribution Support Policy

Nevis supports at least one major version of the following Linux "distributions":

  • Red Hat Enterprise Linux (RHEL)
  • SUSE Linux Enterprise Server (SLES)

Each Nevis-supported distribution version must still be supported by its vendor:

  • For RHEL, this means that the distribution version is under "Full Support" or under "Maintenance Support (1/2)".
  • For SLES, this means that the distribution version is under "General Support".

The above support policy applies to all Nevis RR and LTS releases during their Nevis Full Support phase. For the Nevis LTS Maintenance Support and LTS Extended Life Support phases, the distribution version can be under extended or long term support (or equivalent).

During the lifetime of each major LTS release (4 years), Nevis will not change the supported major distribution version(s). But if the vendor's support for a distribution version ends during these 4 years, the Nevis support ends too.

For nevisAppliance, each release is based on exactly one OS version. Its major version timeline is expected to follow the latest Nevis-supported RHEL major version closely (but not exactly).

During LTS switch (currently switching every 2 years in May, beginning of 2024), Nevis will take the opportunity to switch the supported OS on RR to the most recent OS version available. The current RR OS at that time will then go into the new introduced LTS.

Example: In May 2024, a new LTS switch will happen. On Rolling Release(RR), Nevis will switch to RHEL9 (on premise/RPM), UBI9 (on docker images) and Rocky Linux 9 (on the nevisAppliance). On the LTS-2024, Nevis will follow to support RHEL8 (on premise/RPM), UBI8 (docker images) and Rocky Linux 8 (nevisAppliance).


  • For proper functioning, Nevis may require you to change the default distribution settings or install additional software (such as Java).
  • In exceptional cases, Nevis may require you to install the latest minor version of a distribution (for example, to install a required operating system fix).

Support Status Overview

The following figure shows the planned support for each distribution version. For further details, refer to the Q&A section below.

The figure is based on distribution vendor support information and on the Nevis Roadmap. It is subject to change if those sources are changed.

Linux distribution support policy

Nevis Component Support Status

The product lifetime documentation for the in

  • Newer RHEL versions are generally supported, but some components do not support SLES or older RHEL versions.
  • For the supported distributions at component level, see the sub-section "Component and Operating System" on each component's page.
  • If a Nevis component supports a particular distribution (e.g., SLES), Nevis plans to keep up support for that distribution (until the whole component is EOL).

Frequently Asked Questions

When will you support RHEL 9?

We expect to support RHEL 9 from the Nov 2023 Nevis release (RR) onward.

I am using a newer/older major version of a distribution than the one(s) officially supported by Nevis. It seems to work fine. Is this supported?

No. Nevis only supports your environment if you run it on a supported version of the distribution.

Still, I would like to use a newer version of RHEL or SLES than currently supported by Nevis. Is this somehow possible?

Yes, but only if you use nevisAdmin 4 to deploy the official Nevis Docker images on a Kubernetes cluster .

As far as Nevis is concerned, you can freely choose the major version of RHEL or SLES on which to run the Kubernetes cluster software. For the Kubernetes versions supported by Nevis, refer to the table below. To make sure that your distribution of choice is compatible with a Nevis-supported Kubernetes version, see the distribution vendor.

To plan a distribution upgrade, I require sufficient advance notice. When will you inform us?

Nevis will inform you about the end-of-support for a particular major distribution version at least one year in advance. Normally, you will need to upgrade your Nevis software at the same time. We will inform you via blog posts and updates of this policy document.

How much time do I have to upgrade my Linux distribution?

If you use Nevis Rolling Releases (RR), you will have at least 3 months. Upgrade your Linux distribution before the RR Fade-Out Support ends.

If you use a Nevis LTS release, you will have at least 1 year. Upgrade your Linux distribution before the LTS Maintenance Support ends. Customers with LTS Extended Life Support have one additional year.

The following examples for RHEL illustrate the upgrade process.

The exact dates and versions are provisional and subject to change.* If you are using RR

  • If you are using LTS

I run Nevis on Kubernetes. Does this Linux distribution policy apply?

No. Refer to the table above regarding supported Kubernetes versions.


  • Support for this distribution version is available for selected components. For more information, see the section " [Nevis Component Support Status.


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