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Version: 3.14.x.x LTS

Appendix B - Error Codes

This appendix provides an overview of the available error codes.

Error codes are added at the end of an error message. For example:

2019 01 08 12:52:56.731 isi3web IW4HttpCon 22590.139671842338592 3-ERROR : URLResource_1_0::bc_init: unknown host '' (bc::lang::system::Lnx_NetOps::getaddrinfo( failed: Name or service not known (-2))

Each error is identified by a major and minor code label. In the previous example, the major code is "HTTP" and the minor "0001".

The following pages describe the available error codes, per major error code "). The error codes are arranged in tables, listing the major and minor code of each error as well as the error message and error details. The error message is written in the log file. The error details provide additional details about the error. They also tell you what to do in case this error occurs.

The major and minor error codes always remain the same and do not change. However, the error message and details can be subject to modifications.

Because the error codes will not alter, we suggest using these codes for tools like Splunk.