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Version: 3.14.x.x LTS

Appendix E - Cryptoki interface and utility

nevisproxy_pkcs11 - PKCS#11 (Cryptoki) interface and utility

[-out|-o file]

The nevisproxy_pkcs11 command allows to dump information about and
contents of PKCS#11 (Cryptoki) devices.

The pkcs11 interface allows PKCS#11 RSA key objects and
certificate objects to be used just like PEM files are used.

-forcelogin, -f
Indicates that the tool should log into the PKCS#11
token after opening the session. Some token objects may
only be accessible if logged in. The tool will try to
log into the token anyway, if the token indicates
'login-required' thru its information flags.

-library library, -l library
Specify the dynamic shared PKCS#11 cryptoki library.
The usual library name is

-out <file, -o <file
Specify the output file for the information.