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Version: 3.6.x.x RR

Troubleshooting guide

Nevis Authentication Cloud

Error sending registration SendUafResponse. Status code 403

You are likely using the wrong SDK configuration builder, which is intended for On-premise backends. Verify that you are using the correct auth cloud builder as stated in Authentication Cloud Backend configuration

General - If the app is not working

Does the mobile phone meet the minimum OS requirements?

For Android devices, Android 6 or higher is required.

For Apple devices, iOS 12 or higher is required.

Does the mobile phone have a trusted execution environment?

Your mobile phone needs a secure Trusted Execution Environment (TEE) for the Nevis Mobile Authentication SDK to work. Some smart devices do not have a TEE required for cryptographic calculations and storage as part of a secure authentication process, such as Google Pixel 1, Nexus 5, Mate 9, Galaxy A5, and the iPod Touch.

Does the mobile phone have lock-screen set up?

Without a lock on the device, security is compromised. The device requires device passcode (PIN, password, gesture) to unlock the home screen.