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Version: 3.7.x.x RR

Troubleshooting guide

Nevis Authentication Cloud

Error sending registration SendUafResponse. Status code 403

You are likely using the wrong SDK configuration builder, which is intended for On-premise backends. Verify that you are using the correct auth cloud builder as stated in Authentication Cloud Backend configuration.

General - If the app is not working

Does the mobile phone meet the minimum OS requirements?

For Android devices, Android 7 or higher is required.

For Apple devices, iOS 12 or higher is required.

Does the mobile phone have a trusted execution environment?

Your mobile phone needs a secure Trusted Execution Environment (TEE) for the Nevis Mobile Authentication SDK to work. Some smart devices do not have a TEE required for cryptographic calculations and storage as part of a secure authentication process, such as Google Pixel 1, Nexus 5, Mate 9, Galaxy A5, and the iPod Touch.

Does the mobile phone have lock-screen set up?

Without a lock on the device, security is compromised. The device requires device passcode (PIN, password, gesture) to unlock the home screen.

Does your Android application have a dependency with BouncyCastle?

The SDK depends on the jdk15to18 BouncyCastle delivery. If your application uses another distribution (like jdk18n) this can be problematic when the SDK does some cryptographic operations during initialization.

Excluding one of the dependencies can solve the issue. For example, if you want to keep the BouncyCastle delivered with your application, you can exclude the dependency from the SDK when declaring it in your build.gradle file:

Remove transitive dependency
implementation("ch.nevis:nevis-mobile-authentication-sdk-android:${NEVIS_MOBILE_AUTHENTICATION_SDK_ANDROID_VERSION}") {
exclude group: 'org.bouncycastle', module: 'bcprov-jdk15to18'
exclude group: 'org.bouncycastle', module: 'bcpkix-jdk15to18'

You can get the dependencies of a module by using the gradle command-line:

Get transitive dependencies
gradle :<app module name>:dependencies