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Version: 3.6.x.x RR

SDK HTTP API Endpoints

This chapter outlines which HTTP API endpoints are used by the Nevis Mobile Authentication SDK.

The endpoints are split into two parts:

  • UAF services describe endpoints directly related to the FIDO UAF protocol.
  • Out-of-band services describe proprietary endpoints which are used by the additional product-specific out-of-band features.

Note that the list is limited to the default endpoints used directly by the SDK, there are more HTTP API endpoints available than listed here.

For a full description of the endpoints, refer to the nevisFIDO reference guide.


The default endpoints can be overwritten in the SDK configuration.

UAF Services

NameEndpointAuthentication required
Registration Request Service (1)/nevisfido/uaf/1.1/request/registration
Registration Response Service/nevisfido/uaf/1.1/registration
Facets Service/nevisfido/uaf/1.1/facets
Deregistration Request Service/nevisfido/uaf/1.1/request/deregistration✅ (2)
Authentication Request Service/nevisfido/uaf/1.1/request/authentication
Authentication Response Service/nevisfido/uaf/1.1/authentication
  1. The Nevis Authentication Cloud does not support in-band registration, this endpoint is not available there.
  2. The Nevis Authentication Cloud does not require authentication for this endpoint.

Out-of-band Services

NameEndpointAuthentication required
Redeem Token Service/nevisfido/token/redeem/<operation>
Modify Dispatch Target Service/nevisfido/token/dispatch/targets/{id}✅ (JWS)
Delete Dispatch Target Service/nevisfido/token/dispatch/targets/{id}✅ (JWS)

For a full list of available HTTP API endpoints related to Nevis Mobile Authentication, refer to: