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Version: 4.5.x LTS

Reference Deployment

Minimal Recommended Physical Deployment Infrastructure

The figure [Reference Deployment Diagram] shows a typical, minimal deployment of nevisAdmin 4, including two managed servers running Nevis.

nevisAdmin 4 Reference Deployment Diagram

nevisAdmin 4 deploys configurations to hosts that run Nevis components via SSH.

nevisAdmin 4 needs a MariaDB database to operate. The nevisAppliance admin4 image includes a local database that can be used.

To enable version control for your configuration projects, you can integrate nevisAdmin 4 with your corporate Git repository. For nevisAdmin 4, Git is an import/export system.


Performance related scaling of the infrastructure can currently only be achieved by vertical scaling, that is, increasing the hardware resources of the involved components ".

The current version of nevisAdmin 4 does not support horizontal scaling.