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Version: 4.5.x LTS

RPM Upgrade

To upgrade the nevisAdmin 4 RPM, follow these steps:

  1. Before upgrading, determine the installed version of nevisAdmin 4.

    nevisadmin4 version
  2. Check the Release Notes for any breaking changes between the previously installed and the new version of nevisAdmin 4.

    1. In some cases, the release notes may require the performance of manual upgrade steps. Memorize these steps for later execution.
  3. Before upgrading, stop the running nevisAdmin4 instance.

    nevisadmin4 stopService
  4. To back up the nevisAdmin4 instance, follow the steps in the Backup and Restore guide.

  5. Run the following command to upgrade the RPM installation:

    export VERSION=...
    rpm -U nevisadmin4-$VERSION-1.noarch.rpm
  6. The RPM may include changes to the systemd unit files. Thus, you may get a warning when restarting the service. If this happens, run:

    systemctl daemon-reload
  7. Now you can start nevisAdmin4 again:

    nevisadmin4 startService
  8. Check the status of nevisAdmin4 by running the following command:

    nevisadmin4 serviceStatus