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Version: 2.202111.x.x LTS



The nevisAppliance supports one or multiple physical network interfaces. The first interface (eth0) must always be connected to the intranet network, see the figure "Sample network diagram". The primary IP address of this network interface shall represent the server and is used for administrative access as well as to open connections from the nevisAppliance to the application servers.

A second interface (eth1) can be used to connect to an internet firewall when the nevisAppliance is acting as a nevisProxy instance. Make sure to define a proper routing on the server if you are using more than one interface connected to different layer 3 networks.


The routing is usually set as follows:

  • A single-homed (only one Ethernet interface is used) nevisAppliance has only the default route to the gateway within the layer 3 network the nevisAppliance is connected to.
  • You need to add static routes as well when using a failover cluster. See the nevisAdmin reference guide for more information.
  • A dual-homed (two Ethernet interfaces are used) nevisAppliance has a default route to the gateway connected to the internet. Several host and/or network routes are defined for the intranet interface to route traffic to the application server, nevisAuth, nevisAdmin, NTP/SNMP/SNMTP/SYSLOG and other service hosts.


The nevisAppliance requires a network time protocol server (NTP server) to synchronize its system clock. The time zone is set to CET by default. Link the file /etc/localtime to the appropriate time zone in /usr/share/zoneinfo if you have to change it.