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Version: 2.202111.x.x LTS

Software updates

Software updates are provided as image files.

  • Operating system: The operation system image, called neviscd2_<version>_os_<type>.img, includes all CentOS system files as well as any additional third-party software. All this software is licensed under the terms of the GNU General Public License - GPL.
  • Nevis software: The Nevis products and components are bundled in the image called neviscd2_<cluster version>_nevis_<type>.img.

Update tasks:

  1. Copy the images to the nevisAppliance, e.g., using SSH.
  2. Install the image by using the
    1. Note: You can execute the script only once for an OS image. You need to reboot the server before you can execute the script again.
  3. Activate the new software by rebooting the server.

Example: neviscd2_2.201809.97_os_base.img neviscd2_2.201809.97_nevis_base.img
# start update........o......+...............n...................
# normal end

After the reboot you can check the installed nevisAppliance version in the /etc/nevisappliance file. This file contains the version number of the operating system image. To check the installed Nevis product and component version, issue the nevisappliance -v command:


nevisappliance -v
# version=2.201902.229 image=20190226073520 rev=b56d6c8 base
# cluster=2.201902.229 base, installed on Tue Mar 05 18:53:06 2019
# system=CentOS Linux release 7.6.1810 (Core) java=openjdk version "1.8.0_191"
# adnglassfish
# adnjboss
# adnjdk18
# adnwildfly
# nevisadmin
# nevisagent
# nevisauth
# neviscred
# nevisidmcl (EELS)
# neviskeybox
# nevislogrend
# nevisportal
# nevisproxy

Image types

nevisAppliance is available in different image types:

  • The base image contains the Nevis core products and components such as nevisProxy, nevisAuth, nevisLogRend, and nevisAdmin. This image is used for most installations.
  • The extended image contains additional Nevis software required for identity management or mobile authentication, such as nevisIDM, nevisFIDO, nevisWorkflow, nevisDataPorter, as well as the necessary printing services.
  • The administration image is suited to be used for administration purposes. It is available as nevisAdmin v3 or nevisAdmin v4 variant.
  • The reports image contains the nevisReports components, including Logstash and Elasticsearch. Use this image if you want to collect and report insights into your Nevis infrastructure.
  • The database image features MariaDB, which can be used as a database server for session clustering or nevisIDM.

The dmz image contains the Nevis core products and components nevisProxy, nevisAuth, and nevisLogRend.

neviscd2_<version>_os_base.img neviscd2_<version>_nevis_base.img

Included components: nevisProxy, nevisAuth, nevisLogRend, nevisAdmin v3, ClamAV. Deprecated : nevisPortal, MySQL Cluster

The base image is used to set up servers hosting nevisProxy, nevisAuth, and nevisLogRend.

neviscd2_<version>_os_extended.img neviscd2_<version>_nevis_extended.img

Included components: nevisProxy, nevisAuth, nevisLogRend, nevisIDM, nevisWorkflow, nevisDataPorter, nevisFIDO, nevisMeta, adnooprint, CUPS, nevisAdmin v3, OpenLDAP, NFS. Deprecated : nevisPortal, MySQL Cluster, Couchbase server

The extended image is used to set up servers hosting nevisIDM, in addition to the base Nevis products and components.


Included components: nevisAdmin v3, rsyslog, logviewer, NFS. Deprecated : MySQL Cluster, ELK

Use this image to set up a server for administration purposes with nevisAdmin v3.


Included components: nevisAdmin v4, MariaDB.

Use this image to set up a server for administration purposes with nevisAdmin v4.


Included components: nevisReports, Logstash, Elasticsearch, MariaDB.

The reports image is built for reporting on the Nevis infrastructure by means of nevisReports.

neviscd2_<version>_os_db.imgneviscd2_<version>_nevis db.img

Included components: MariaDB, NFS. Deprecated : Couchbase server

The database image can be used to set up a database server for session clustering, nevisIDM or nevisWF, see the chapter Database appliance for nevisIDM.

neviscd2_<version>_os_dmz.img neviscd2_<version>_nevis_dmz.img

Included components: nevisProxy, nevisAuth, nevisLogRend, ClamAV Deprecated : MySQL Cluster

The dmz image is used to set up servers hosting nevisProxy, nevisAuth, and nevisLogRend only.

All image types provide the necessary base Nevis product and components like the Java runtime environment, the J2EE containers, nevisKeybox/nevisCred, nevisAgent, ClamAV, and all necessary system tools.

Image signatures

The updated images include an internal digital signature which is automatically verified when you install the image. A modified image (corrupt file download or a manipulated image) can't be installed without modifying the updating script.

For the ISO image, we provide an external GnuPG signature which can be validated using the following public key.

GnuPG signing key

Version: GnuPG v2.0.22 (GNU/Linux)


Import this key to your local keystore and validate the image signature by using the gpg --verify command.


# gpg --verify neviscd2_2.201709.0.iso.asc neviscd2_2.201709.0.iso
gpg: Signature made Thu 26 Nov 2015 02:25:41 PM CET using RSA key ID BB1992F2
gpg: checking the trustdb
gpg: 3 marginal(s) needed, 1 complete(s) needed, PGP trust model
gpg: depth: 0 valid: 2 signed: 0 trust: 0-, 0q, 0n, 0m, 0f, 2u
gpg: Good signature from "Nevis Appliance V2 Build <[email protected]>"


You most likely need to update the database setup and property files of nevisIDM. These tasks have to be performed manually after the software update (server has been rebooted). Refer to the nevisIDM reference guide and release notes for more information about this task.

See also the chapter Upgrading a nevisIDM version if you are using a remote Oracle or MariaDB database.

nevisIDM is not started at server reboot. Start nevisIDM manually after you have finished all other migration tasks. Starting nevisIDM will then perform an automatic re-deployment of the nevisIDM application files.

Switching between nevisIDM 2.68.x (EELS) and the latest version

Since nevisAppliance 2.201807, nevisIDM is delivered in an Exceptional Extended Life Support (EELS) release and a latest version. The EELS version retains support for JBoss, in-process deployment and older SOAP WebService interfaces.

By default, the nevisAppliance is configured to run the latest version of nevisIDM.

For more details about the differences, see the nevisIDM Reference Guide and Release Notes.

  1. To switch to the 2.68.x EELS version of nevisIDM, edit the /etc/nevis.policy file and replace with:



To switch back to the latest nevisIDM version, set the value to: latest 2. Reboot the nevisAppliance for changes to take effect:



Similar to nevisIDM, it might be necessary to apply database patches when updating nevisWorkflow. Therefore, nevisWorkflow does not start automatically after the nevisAppliance update. You have to start it manually after you have applied the changes mentioned in the nevisWorkflow release notes and reference guide.


nevisAdmin may require user interaction to update (re-deploy) the software in adnglassfish due to the password protection of the container's console.

Restart nevisAdmin manually after the server reboot to activate the new software version if you did not store the passphrase of the console within the specified file (see nevisAdmin Reference Guide chapter "Package").