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Version: 8.2405.x.x RR

Preparing the initial installation

Description of the use case

For the nevisAuth server and other Nevis components to run correctly, the installation of a signer certificate and the selection of the correct token format is required. As soon as the server is up and running, replace the test authentication, which is used to verify the initial installation, by the authentication infrastructure of choice.


The initial setup requires the following steps:

  1. Configure the nevisAuth server instance name.
  2. Install, configure or generate a SecToken signer certificate, see Installing a certificate for token signing.
  3. Configure the default TokenAssembler and/or add new ones (see chapter Specifying Nevis SecToken format and its usage restrictions and signer key.
  4. Start the server and perform an initial authentication test (see the nevisProxy reference guide).
  5. Perform server and cache scaling (see the chapters Server scaling and Session cache scaling).
  6. Configure the site-specific authentication infrastructure (see chapter Configuring authentication AuthStates and backends).

Further steps may include: