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Version: 1.8.x.x LTS

Use Cases and Personas

This part of the user guide contains (step-by-step) descriptions of the most common use cases when working with nevisDetect.

Persons with the following roles use nevisDetect:

  • Forensic expert
  • Security expert
  • Support desk user
  • Operator

In nevisDetect, these roles are called personas. Each persona has specific rights that correspond to the tasks he/she has to perform. Also, it depends on the persona what you get to see of and what you can do in the nevisDetect web application.

The four personas "forensic expert", "security expert", "support desk user" and "operator" are part of the standard permission concept of nevisDetect. However, it is possible to create different personas with different permissions, according to the needs of your company. For more information, see the chapter Security in the nevisDetect reference guide.

The following chapters describe the most important use cases per persona.