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Version: 2.2


This chapter describes how to get a nevisFIDO component up and running.

System Environment

nevisFIDO supports the following system environment:

  • Java Runtime Environment 8
  • Red Hat Enterprise Linux version 8 (RHEL8)
  • It is recommended using a minimal hardware configuration of
    • Multicore CPU 2,90 GHz
    • 4 GB RAM
    • 20 GB HDD

Server RPM Installation

The nevisFIDO server is packaged in the RPM format. It can be installed with the RPM Package Manager.

RPM installation
rpm -i nevisfido-<version>.noarch.rpm

The previous command will:

  • Create the directory /opt/nevisfido, containing binaries, documentation and configuration templates.
  • Add a systemd unit template.
  • Add a nevisFIDO admin-cli on the path.

Client RPM Installation

The nevisFIDO client libraries are packaged in the RPM format. They can be installed with the RPM Package Manager.

Client RPM installation
rpm -i nevisfidocl-<version>.noarch.rpm

The previous command will:

Environment Configuration

As the first priority, nevisFIDO uses the Java installation defined in the file env.conf using the configuration property JAVA_HOME. If the JAVA_HOME property is not defined in the file env.conf, the Java version as defined in the PATH environment variable is used.

To define the usage of a specific Java installation, we recommend setting the configuration property JAVA_HOME in the file env.conf:



Creating an Instance

An instance is one representation of the nevisFIDO component. All configurations, log and other files related to the instance are located in the directory /var/opt/nevisfido/<instance>.


nevisfido is the admin CLI.

nevisfido create <instance>

The previous command will:

  • Create the directory /var/opt/nevisfido/<instance>.
  • Copy configuration templates from the directory /opt/nevisfido/template/conf into the instance directory.
  • Enable the systemd unit for this instance.

Starting the Instance

nevisfido start <instance>

The previous command will start nevisFIDO via systemd using the configuration of this instance.


When creating a nevisFIDO instance, you copy configuration templates into the instance directory (see also Creating an Instance). These default templates contain a basic configuration. Because nevisFIDO requires a sophisticated integration with various components, change this default configuration to represent your actual system and use cases.