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Version: 8.2405.x.x RR

HP ProLiant DL hardware monitoring

nevisAppliance includes monitoring tools to supervise the HP ProLiant DL server's hardware components.

The tools are disabled by default and you need to enable the services/daemons manually.

Enable and start the HP hardware monitoring tools

# systemctl enable hp-health.service
# systemctl enable hp-asrd.service
# systemctl enable hp-snmp-agents.service

# systemctl start hp-health.service
# systemctl start hp-asrd.service
# systemctl start hp-snmp-agents.service

You can use the hpsnmpconfig command line utility to configure the monitoring tools.

Issue the following command to start the web front end:

Enable and start the HP hardware monitoring web front end

# cp /opt/hp/hp-snmp-agents/cma.conf.tmpl /opt/hp/hp-snmp-agents/cma.conf

# /etc/init.d/hpsmhd start