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Version: 8.2405.x.x RR

Process owners

The user concept suggests that the administrator (nvbuser) is the owner of configuration files, while all members (primary group) of the group "nvbgroup" are able to read the configuration and log files. Each process should only be able to read the configuration files but write its logs.

Normally the following Unix users are used to start Nevis processes:

  • nvpuser

    Used for the processes communicating with untrusted networks (Internet), e.g., nevisProxy.

  • nvauser

    Used to start processes which are used for internal communication only, such as nevisAuth, nevisIDM, and others.

  • nvbuser

    Administrative user processes, e.g., nevisAdmin.

  • nvcuser

    Credential services, e.g., nevisCred pass phrase vault.