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Version: 3.6.x.x RR


Deregistration removes the FIDO UAF credentials from both the mobile and the server. After deregistration, the authenticator cannot be used to authenticate again until registered again.


Before being able to deregister, configure and initialize the SDK to obtain a MobileAuthenticationClient java, swift, objc, flutter, react native.

For more information, see Deregistration.

To deregister an authenticator, provide the name of the user whose authenticator is to be deregistered and the AAID identifying the authenticator.


Providing AAID is not mandatory. If no AAID is provided that deregistration removes all authenticators belonging to the respective user.

If authorization is required by your backend to deregister, provide an AuthorizationProvider java, swift, objc, flutter, react native.


AuthorizationProvider does not have to be provided on Authentication Cloud.

In case the deregistration is called with a non-registered user, then the operation won't produce any error and completed successfully. Which implies that the onSuccess method is invoked in such cases.