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Version: 2.5.x.x RR

Biometric Authentication Passcode Fallback


In case of failing biometric verification during an operation (authentication or transaction confirmation), the device offers an alternative way of user verification, which is entering the device passcode (not the pin for the PIN Authentication Method).


  • New registrations only
  • Nevis Access App version >= 2.0.0
    • for all biometric authentication methods (Face ID, Touch ID, Fingerprint)
  • Android
    • Supported with Android 11+ only
  • iOS
    • all supported OS versions


For existing registrations made with Access App versions lower than 2.0.0, this feature is not available.

To be able to use this feature, existing registrations have to be deleted and replaced with new ones created using Access App version 2.0.0 or higher.

In case the end-user cannot verify herself with the biometric authentication method, the OS offers the possibility to fallback to entering the device passcode.

  1. Should the user mistype the device passcode five times, the phone gets into a locked state.
  2. In this state, the user has to wait for a predefined amount of time (predefined in iOS), and only then is it yet again possible to enter the device passcode.
  3. If the device passcode is entered correctly, the biometric authentication method is also unlocked, and becomes usable in the Nevis Access App.
  4. While the biometric authentication method is in a locked state, it cannot be used by Nevis Access App, therefore no verifications are possible until it is unlocked again.