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Version: 2.5.x.x RR

Logging and Analytics

The Nevis Access App currently offers limited logging capabilities.

HTTP User-Agent Based Logging and Analytics

The Nevis Access app uses a custom HTTP User-Agent header to report client information to the backend. You can use this information

  • to gather statistical information about app usage, and/or
  • to block access for specific devices or app/SDK versions.

The header contains the following information:

  1. Name of the SDK (fixed to NMASDK)
  2. SDK version including build number
  3. Mobile device model
  4. Operating system
  5. OS version
  6. Application bundle ID
  7. Application version including build number

The header uses the following information order and format (the numbers in the code correspond with the numbers of the previous list):

Information Order
<1>/<2> (<3>; <4> <5>) <6>/<7>
Example User-Agent Header
NMASDK/ (iPhone12,8; iPhoneOS 14.0) ch.nevis.accessapp/


You can use the following regular expression to extract individual parts from the User-Agent header:

User-Agent Parsing RegEx