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Version: 7.2311.x.x RR

RPM-Based Installation

For an RPM-based installation of nevisAdmin 4, follow these steps:

  1. Download the nevisAdmin 4 RPM from Nevis Portal. The RPM is named nevisadmin4-<version>-1.noarch.rpm.

  2. Install a Java JDK. The Java version has to be 8.

  3. Install the RPM on your server:

    rpm -i nevisadmin4-<version>-1.noarch.rpm

    Install this package only on the dedicated machine that should run nevisAdmin 4. The installation automatically creates an instance as well as a runtime user (nvbuser) and group (nvbgroup).

  4. Double check that java can be executed in the environment (of the runtime user nvbuser). You may have to set the JAVA_HOME environment variable to point to your Java JDK.

  5. As the RPM creates a symlink, you can use the following command to control your instance:

  6. Continue with Initial Setup.

As nevisAdmin 4 uses SSH and Kubernetes APIs for deployment, there is no need to install nevisAgent, as was the case with nevisAdmin 3.