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Version: 4.19.x.x RR

Managing Groups



Detailed description about the users, permissions, groups and managing them via REST API are described at Managing Users and Groups via REST.

At this page, it is intended to describe only how to manage the groups and permissions via the UI functions.

In nevisAdmin 4 UI, you can manage the groups and group permissions by using Manage Groups functionality.

Use the feature if you want to assign the same set of user permissions to multiple users and manage it in one place.

First, you have to create a group, configure the group permissions and add the users to that group. The users in the group are automatically granted with the permissions configured in the group.


A user can be a part of multiple groups at the same time. There is no conflict in the permissions setting in such case.

Access the Groups function from the top right context menu by selecting the Manage Groups option. The Groups screen is opened aftewards listing the groups in a table with the following details:

  • Group name
  • Description
  • LDAP DNs
  • Action:
    • View icon button to open the group details screen where the group users and permissions can be managed.
    • Delete icon button to delete the group.

The groups can be searched by using the Search filter at the top of the screen.

You can create a new group by clicking on Create Group button.


Create group

To create a new group, click on Create Group button in the Groups screen. The Create group dialog screen pops up with the following input fields:

  • Group name
  • Description of the group
  • LDAP DNs - enter LDAP DNs to automatically assign the group to the LDAP users with the same LDAP DNs. Once an LDAP user logs in nevisAdmin4, and the LDAP DNs match, he is automatically added to the group and granted with the group permissions. If the entered LDAP DNs do not match, the LDAP user is removed from the group.

After providing the inputs and clicking Create group button, a new group is created. You have to set up the permissions and add the users to the group afterwards.


Group details

The group details is opened after clicking View icon button in the groups table.

The following details and functions are available on the screen:

  • Group details with the Edit pencil button to edit, see details below.
  • Delete group button initiates the deletion of the group.
  • Add users - lists the users added to the group, see the details below.
  • Permissions are listed by the permission levels the same as described in User details screen.

Edit group details

You can edit the group details by clicking the Edit pencil button in group details screen.

Delete group

If you want to delete a group, click Delete group icon button in group table or Delete group button in group details screen. You have to confirm the warning to delete the group.


Group deletion is irreversible action. After the group is deleted, it cannot be undone.

Add users

You have to add users to the group to grant the group permissions to the users.

User creation and management are described at Managing Users page.

Perform the following actions to add users to a group:

  • Click Add users button
  • Add users to group dialog screen is displayed with the list of the users
  • Select the users you would like to add to the group
  • Close the dialog screen

After the users are added to the group, the users are granted with all the permissions inherited from the assigned groups.

To remove the users from the groups, simply uncheck the users in the Add users to group dialog screen.


Manage permissions/operations

Managing group permissions works similar to the user permissions, see details at Manage permissions/operations. The difference is that, the group permissions have no impact until the user is added to the group and the change in the group permissions has effect on all the users inside the group.