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Self-service UI

Enabled upon request

Self-service UI is available upon request as an additional Identity Cloud feature. Contact Nevis support to learn more.

Nevis Identity Cloud provides a self-service interface that allows users to view and manage some aspects of their accounts. The interface is available as a mobile-optimized browser page, that can be used from both mobile and desktop. Implementing a self-service UI into your Identity Cloud solution can substantially reduce user identity related support and management time.

Personal info

On the personal info page of the self-service interface, the user can view and change the following personal information connected to their account:

  • First name
  • Last name
  • Contact phone


The security page lists all of the authentication methods that the user has registered, showing primary and second-factor methods separately. Here the user can view each of their active authentication methods, and delete ones that they no longer wish to use for login to connected applications.